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N-Acetyl Cysteine


N-Actye cysteine belongs to mucolytic drugs by means of decreasing viscosity of sputum (phlegm), clean bronchi leading to decrease in dyspnea and improved lungs function. Moreover, it thins the mucus of lungs, so it reduces the problems of lungs congestion, obstruction and fibrosis.
N-Actye cysteine is a anti-oxidant drug that may influence several inflammatory pathways .Its provides sulfhydryl groups and acts both as precursor of reduced glutathione and as a direct reactive  oxygen species scavenger.

User manual

MUCO-SAR 10 used as mucus or plug dissolver medicine.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as potent anti-oxidant.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as anti-inflammatory drug.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as treatment of lower respiratory tract infections as pneumonia.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as mucus cleaner from airways.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as safest drung in viral attacks along with pneumonia.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as preventive and treatmental drug as in case of AI, IB, ND, ILT, CRD, coryza
aspergillosis etc.
MUCO-SAR 10 used as first line of therapy in respiratory bacterial and viral infections.
MUCO-SAR 10 can be used before and after vaccine application.