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About VIBO

VIBO Co., Ltd. would like to send greetings and best wishes to our partners and customers!

VIBO Company is a brand specializing in the production and trading of specialized products in the field of Veterinary Medicine - Aquatic Products

Officially in operation since March 2008, after more than 10 years of construction and development, our company has rapidly expanded production scale, especially the distribution system throughout the Mekong Delta, the provinces of the region. East, Central, and North region. In addition to investing and completing a drug manufacturing factory with a full range of modern equipment, lines, and production technology according to the GMP-WHO certification standards.

VIBO has also trained (gathered) a team of highly qualified Aquaculture Engineers, Aquatic Pathologists, and Veterinarians "Dynamic - Enthusiasm - Rich professional experience". the force with the desire to bring the highest satisfaction to partners and customers.

With the goal of accompanying and sharing the values ​​with customers throughout the crop. VIBO Company has cooperated with universities and research institutes to launch new product lines with diverse features and high practicality suitable for each stage of growth of livestock (shrimp, fish, cattle, and poultry). At the same time, VIBO Company has completed the system of the laboratory and has built a team of dedicated staff under the motto "RESPONSIBILITY IS FOUNDATION" that will satisfy customers when choosing our products. ty.

VIBO Company would like to thank customers for accompanying the development of the company in the past time, we would like to wish you success in the new crop.

Best regards!

History begin

VIBO Co., Ltd. was officially established on March 6, 2008, starting with the specialized business in manufacturing - trading - importing and exporting specialized products in veterinary and aquatic industries. With the aspiration towards being a strong brand operating in the field of agriculture (aquaculture - Veterinary medicine - organic microbiological fertilizer), at the same time contributing to the country's aquatic industry to develop sustainably and bring real values to each customer, to every breeder.

VIBO company has cooperated with universities and research institutes to launch new product lines that are diverse in features and highly practical suitable for each growth stage of livestock (shrimp, fish, etc.), livestock and poultry prices).

VIBO aims to become a strong brand in Vietnam's fish market with plans to build and develop systems - multi-object products: snakehead fish, tra fish, red tilapia ...


VIBO officially expands its business to penetrate and develop the shrimp market.


VIBO Company has cooperated with universities and research institutes to launch new product lines with diverse features and high practicality suitable for each stage of growth of livestock (shrimp, fish, price of cattle, and poultry).


VIBO started a project to invest and complete a drug factory with a full range of modern equipment, production lines, and technology according to GMP-WHO standards on an area of 1.5 hectares with an investment cost of 4.5 million USD.


VIBO officially established a branch in the North - with the aim of developing a brand name and expanding the distribution system nationwide.


VIBO expands to develop microbiological & herbal segments with the goal of actively sourcing raw materials and being a leader in microbiological and herbal production. At the same time, establishing an international business division, expanding the distribution system to countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.


The company established a veterinary division to officially penetrate and develop a potential veterinary market.

At the same time, the R&D department will focus on intensive research to develop high-tech products.


With an investment budget of more than 300 billion VND, Biotechnology Factory is our 3rd factory, built on an area of 2.5 hectares with a large scale of the largest production zones: Semi-solid microbiology (4 tons/day), Microbiology liquid (500L/day), Vaccine area - Antibody production area - Herbal area; are served for Veterinary and Fisheries.

Core values

Core values


We do business and act honestly and follow the "ethical standards" we set forth.

Principle 5 No:

+ Not covered

+ Not afraid of collisions

+ Don't say bad things

+ Space lies

+ Not breaking the law



We commit in words and actions to bring customers - shareholders good values, peace:

Don't do wrong things

Have the right ideal, conception, and action



We have a duty and obligation to bring and guarantee the value and benefits of our customers, shareholders and employees. If not, we must accept and be responsible.

Do not cite the reason, blame for not completing the assigned task.

When accepting and executing tasks, always strictly adhere to the set work schedules to ensure the task is completed on schedule.

With the slogan "RESPONSIBILITY IS FOUNDATION" as condensation in our business philosophy, taking RESPONSIBILITY as the guideline in all attitudes and behaviors, to bring true value to EMPLOYEES - PARTNERS and COMMUNITY.


"We always aspire to be a strong brand operating in the agricultural sector (aquaculture - Veterinary medicine - Microbiological organic fertilizer), creating quality products, close to the environment to serve Vietnamese agriculture to develop sustainably. ”

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"Bring real value to partners and users of the product, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnamese agriculture".

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